Account tab in group reservations

Account tab in group reservations will help to work with payments.

The balance block in a group shows a list of reservations in the group, an amount of reservations, an amount of services rendered, an amount of payments and balance.

Group proforma block shows a cost for accommodation, a cost for extra services, if they are added to reservations, an amount paid and a balance amount.


The Payments section allows you to add payment on reservations. In addition, for each reservation, included in a group, you can specify a payment amount.


When you save a list of payments, they will appear in the section Payments.


Also, this payments can be seen in the reservation card for each reservation in the group.

When making a refund or a transfer of payment you will see a list of group reservations, for which you can make a refund or a transfer.


The Account section you can make an invoice, a receipt, or an online payment link for the group. Nomenclature (accommodation, extra services, etc.) was also added to receipts and online payments, which can be used in the future when Bnovo PMS will be integrated with 1C system.

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