Advantages of cloud technologies

Cloud software
Desktop software
Installation Installation is not required. It can be used on any device that has Internet access and a browser. Software is available only on the device, where it is installed.
Resources All resources, servers, calculations are on a provider side Speed of a program depends on your device
Platform Program is available regardless of what operating system is installed on the computer For each operating system its own separate version of the program is needed. Often these versions differ in appearance and functionality.
Updates Can be updated daily. Updates are immediately available to software users. In order to get an updated program user must re-install it with a new version. Creators of such programs have less possibility to release new versions of a software, so new version are often issued once for a fairly long period of time.
Administrative security In this case, the client is required to have a credibility of a provider. All data is stored on on a computer where a software is installed. And it is only available to users of this computer.
Data loss Back ups are made on a daily basis so it is almost impossible to accidentially delete or lose some data If a user does not bother to maintain the data, there is a probability of loss. There is also a chance of losing data due to imperfect technology.
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