1. Enter WooDoo page
  2. Make sure that in the table My Channels you can see reservation system that you want to connect. If not, click here
  3. Before beginning the connection you need to check this
  1.  Enter WooDoo page
  2. You will see the table, where you need to type in the login details and password from Airbnb.
  3. Choose the currency
  4. Click Test settings
  5. On the green field you will see Parameters are correct, click Continue
If after Test Settings you see Parameters are not correct. Please, retry. or blank page of the screen, read here.

Rooms Association

  1. Associate the rooms. Column on the left is you rooms in Airbnb, you need to map them with the right column, the rooms from WuBook
  2. Click Save
If you don’t see here all room types you have in Airbnb, you need check that they all are active in this system. If you want to add more room types for sell, add them in Airbnb.



  1. Put the tick in Always honour WuBook Restrictions closed dates
  2. Prices- choose you main Rate
  3. Restrictions – choose you restrictions for this rate
  4. Click Save
  5. Click WooDoo page. You will see twisted gears in front of the channel. This means that the updates, between the channel and WuBook, are transmitted. You need to wait for a few minutes before the channel becomes fully operational.
You must check the price and availability in AirBnb after it becomes fully operational. If you see wrong prices or availability please contact support Bnovo.
WuBook don’t send to Airbnb the min.stay restrictions. You can adjust min.stay for certain Room in Airbnb extranet, but it will work for all days. Thus, it is impossible to set restrictions separately for weekends or working days.
Make sure that after 10-15 min the prices and availability in your Airbnb extranet are correct. If not contact us.
Important: If you receive the reservation for two beds in Dorm and in WuBook you see the right price and right amount of people but from the availability only one bed was removed. In this case, you need to remove the bed, from the availability in WuBook, manually.

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