1. Enter WooDoo page >
  2. Make sure that in the table Active Сhannels you can see reservation system that you want to connect. If not, click here
  3. Before beginning the connection you need to check this
  4. If you are connecting the channel for the first time please follow the instruction below. If you are simple reconfiguring the channel follow this instruction from the 11-th step.
  5. The activation is automatic when we follow the correct process. Enter Booking id
  6. After this enter your extranet. Click General information on the right from the Home Icon booking-13. Then enter Channel manager.
  7. Please enter WuBook ID (142) or type in the name WuBook.
  8. Select 2 way connection
  9. Confirm the conditions of the XML connection.
  10. Wait for channel activation. After few minutes, you will see in WuBook > Woodoo > – “Ready to be connected to Click this button
  11. Click Test Setting
  12. On the green field you will see Parameters are correct click Continue
If after Test Settings you see Parameters are not correct. Please, retry. or blank page of the screen, read here.
Import reservations history.Using this tool, in one click you can fetch all reservations with check-in date in the future and created before the WooDoo connection was established. Attention you need to connect you channel to WuBook first. Only after this you will be able to fetch the reservations from To use this tool follow this instruction.
You will see the table Rates and Rooms. Here you can see special offers and rates (for ex. Standart rate 15%( basic deal)) which you have ever created , but now they are not active and you don’t use them. It is obligatory to delete all special offers type Child – means they depend on the other rate. You can do it only with your account manager.
You can manage from WuBook only the rates type Parent, which don’t depend from the other rates (non refundable, Early bird) . Thus, if you want to manage you rates from WuBook, create the rates type Parent.
If you want to create special offers for a short period of time and you don’t want to manage them from WuBook. After WuBook is connected to, ask your Account manager to create this offers as Not allowed via XML. You need to make the Test setting again after these offers are created.


This fiels let you check your contract rooms in Choose date and quantity if weeks (max.3), click on Check Allotments.

  • If you don’t have contract rooms, you’ll see No allotments found for the selected period.
  • If you have contract rooms, you’ll see table with your contracted rooms:

Opportunity Center


Follow this Link to reach the Opportunity Cenre on your extranet for managing your special offers and for setting up tools that can increase your reservations, profits and provide a better experience to your guests.


Rooms Association

  1. Associate the rooms. Column on the left is you rooms in, you need to map them with the right column, the rooms from WuBook
  2. Click Save
You must fill in all the fields, the room codes mustn’t repeat. If you don’t see here all room types you have in or you want to add more room types for sell, read here.

For single rate

  1. If the you have the same price for single and double occupancies , choose the same room codes, for each occupancy
  2. If your prices are different. In the column WuBook Room choose the room code for double occupancy price and in Single rate for single occupancy.
  3. After the association is complete
  4. Click Save

Rates association

  1. Сhoose the certain rate in the column Rates and certain restriction in the column Restriction.
  2. Click Save
Do not associate Genius rate, secret rate, secret deal, flash deal. Leave the dash here.
For the Last minute Rate you need to associate the standard Rate from WuBook because release period is set in
How to create the special rates for read here.
Also notice that all the information in the restriction plans you have in will be dropped and replaced by the information from the restriction plans from WuBook.
if you don’t see in WuBook the rates and restriction you need, read our instructions.

If you have rooms for 3-4 persons and you want to sell them in for 2 persons with different price read here.


  1. Put the tick in Always honour WuBook Restrictions closed dates
  2. If you want to receive additional Information (block Info) in vouchers from – put the tick Include Reservation Info on Vouchers.
  3. Click Save
  4. Click WooDoo page. You will see twisted gears in front of the channel. This means that the updates, between the channel and WuBook, are transmitted. You need to wait for a few minutes before the channel becomes fully operational.

If you are connecting the for the first time you need to follow some more steps for your channel in WuBook will work fine. After you have associated the rooms and rates in WuBook:

  1. Please enter your extranet of Enter Channel manager page after this you will be on the forth step.
    If you will still be on the 3rd step. Please contact Bnovo immediatelly.
  2. Confirm the connection. After this, in extranet, you will see the XML icons near Rooms and rates and Reservation page.
  3. Enter you Rooms and rates page and make sure that you Tabla is yellow. This means that the information from WuBook have already started to download.
You must check the price and availability in after it becomes fully operational ( 10-15 min after the connection was established). If you see wrong prices or availability please contact support Bnovo.
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