General tab in group reservations

General tab in group reservations

In the General tab in a group reservation you can find a list of all reservations of this group, and the data on them: status and reservation code, dates of arrival and departure, room type, assigned room, guests, the number of adults and children, total amount, applied discount, final amount and balance of the group. By clicking on each reservation code in the list, you can go to the card of this reservation.


When operating with a group reservation’s card you can perform the following actions:

  • Add new reservation to the group. To do this, click Add a reservation to this group. In the window that opens you can choose from existing reservations via search or create a new reservation


  • Assign a particular room for a reservation



  • Add guest data. For this click the Add button on Guests coloumn and enter the required data in the window opened.



  • Print confirmation for the group or a proforma invoice.


In the confirmation you will see the full list of rooms reserved, the cost for each reservation and the total amount for the group.


  • Specify the reservations’ statuses with a mass action, make them: New, Verified, Checked-in, Checked-out or Cancelled. To do this, tick several reservations in the list, select the action and click Run.
Please note the maximum number of reservations for mass status update is 20.


If you state the status to Checked-in for reservations before the specified time, the program will ask if early check-in should be payed or not.


When making reservations Canceled you will need to specify the reason for cancellation and the amount of the fine, if applicable.


    • Detach the reservation from the group. To do this, tick the necessary reservations, select Detach from this group in the Actions list and then click Run.


    • Apply mass price update for the group of reservations. To do this, tick the reservations in the list, select the action Mass price update and click Run. In the window that opens make necessary changes.


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