Is it possible to associate WuBook virtual rate plan with a rate plan in Bnovo PMS?

There are no possible ways to manage a WuBook virtual rate plan from Bnovo PMS. You can match them, but all the prices sent from Bnovo PMS will be ignored. Prices for this virtual rate plan will be calculated automatically according to your settings on WuBook (the diffirence can be either percentage or fixed). You should associate you WuBook virtual rate plan with one of Bnovo PMS rate plans for correct import of reservations. If you would like to get an information about the rate plan on Bnovo PMS, you should make individual rate plans on Bnovo PMS  for all virtual rate plans on WuBook. The name of a rate plan for a reservation will be displayed on the Reservation Card. If you do not need this information on Bnovo PMS, you can match virtual rate plans with your Primary Plan. In this case reservations will have correct price but the name of a plan on Bnovo PMS will coincide with a Primary Plan.

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