List of debtors

This report shows a list of reservations, which have a debt for services rendered by a departure date.

By default, it displays a list of reservations with a negative balance for the current date of departure. Balance becomes negative, if amount of payments is less than amount of services rendered. In this case, you must check received payments for these reservations and add information on payments to reservation card or change a reservation, checking a list of services rendered in the Account tab in a reservation card and comparing them to actually rendered.

Select the period by date of departure and click Show to build a report. You can also use quick filters “week”, “month”, “year”. For example, choosing the “month” quick filter, you will see reservations with a negative balance, for which the departure date was within 30 days. Thus, you can see a list of reservations with debt or post-pay, ie under a contract with a customer payment for services rendered is outlined after rendering.


List of debtors can be uploaded from the system to an Excel file by clicking the icon to the right of the date selection. More details about reports export can be found in the article.

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