Mass mailings via Bnovo Mail Tool

Mailing is a great way to inform your guests about the upcoming arrival, to thank them for their choice, to congratulate or to inform about discounts and promotions. This is an effective tool that will help to keep in touch with your customers and increase their loyalty.

You can easily start doing mass mailings via Bnovo Mail tool.

For today Yandex and are Russia’s most popular services. Comfortable and secure e-mail systems do an excellent job with daily tasks: sending, receiving and storing e-mails, but they are not intended for mass mailings. Free mail-services have a policy: when you commit a mass mailing attempts, a system locks letters at the sending stage, or when a letter is received it is automatically determined in the spam folder.

For example, Yandex has a limit for sending emails – 35 recipients per day. Letters sent in excess of this norm are blocked. Moreover, the sender can get into the black list of the postal system of the addressee, or be blocked by the system for a long time.

In order to efficiently and securely deliver information to your clients, Bnovo recommends using profile service for mass mailings — MailChimp.

MailChimp allows you to:

  • to massively send messages without the threat of account suspension
  • to guarantee to deliver letters to addressees
  • to receive reports on the carried mailings
  • to analyze its effectiveness

It is also important that the service allows the recipient to unsubscribe from the mailing. That effects positively on the loyalty of your customers. At the same time, you can keep track of unsubscribing customers and view their comments about unsubscribe. This form of cooperation creates a positive image of the hotel, and improves the quality of communication with guests.

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