Registration and settings for MailChimp service

To use the Bnovo Mail tool with MailChimp service you should register in the MailChimp and find your API key.

  1. Click here to register
  2. Enter your e-mail, Username (login) and Password to register (demands for password: at least 8 characters, at least one small letter, at least one uppercase letter, at least one number, at least one special character, such as: ” ? “).
  3. You should see a phrase: Your password secure and you’re all set
  4. Click Create My Account
  5. You will receive a letter to confirm your registration on the specified e-mail
  6. Open the letter and click Activate Account
  7. Then tick I’m not a robot, and click Confirm Signup
  8. Fill in your Name and Last Name
  9. Fill in the details on your organization
    – Number of people in the organization
    – How many years the company exists
    – Do you have a list of emails to import into MailChimp
    Here you can select “No”, because the data will be unloaded from Bnovo PMS.
    – Are you setting this set up for client?
    Here you can select “No” to create an account for your own use.
  10. Fill in the name of your organization, provide a link to a website, address, and select the Country.
  11. Select the type of company (Your industry)
  12. Select your time zone
  13. Check the box and click Save And Get Started

Congratulations! You have successfully registered

Now find your API key in MailChimp. You can find here how to do this.

After obtaining the API Key, go to Bnovo Mail connection in the Tools section. How to connect MailChimp read here.

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