Statuses in individual reservations

Statuses in individual reservations

Each reservation can have a certain status – New, Verified, Checked in, Checked out, Canceled.

To change status of a reservation find a necessary reservation in the Tasks> Search> Advanced search section.

By clicking on the code of the reservation required and you will be taken to the reservation card. There you have an opportunity to specify the reservation status.

The New status is automatically assigned to a reservation when creating manually or receiving from OTA.

The Verified status should be manually assigned if guest has confirmed his arrival to the hotel, made a prepayment or fully paid for the reservation.

The Checked in status should be assigned to the reservation manually after the actual arriving of guest in the hotel. After status changing, the services begin to become provided.

If you assign the Checked in status to reservations earlier than the specified time, the program will ask if you need to charge an early check-in fee.

The Checked out status should be assigned to reservation manually after departure and fully settled payments of the guest. After assigning the Checked out status the room will be opened for sale.

The Canceled status is assigned manually, if the reservation was direct.

When changing reservations’ statuses to Canceled, you will need to specify the reason of cancellation and the amount of penalty, if applicable.

If necessary, such a reservation can be returned to statuses New or Verified.

Please note: If you work with online systems (OTAs) and get your reservations from them, you can also change the status of reservations to Canceled. But in this case the information about cancellation will not be transferred to the OTA, the reservation there will remain Verified, an it will be necessary to transfer the commission to your partner for it. Therefore, in order to cancel such a reservation, it is necessary to cancel (or assign a no-show) the reservation in the personal office of the OTA, after which the new information will be sent to Bnovo PMS, and the reservation will automatically be cancelled.

You can return such a reservation to New or Verified statuses only from the personal account of the OTA. This should be done with help of your account manager in this system – contact him and let him know that your guest confirmed the canceled reservation. Your manager will change the reservation, and this change will be transferred to Channel Manager and further to Bnovo PMS – this reservation will come to you in the New status.

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