Warning №23. Too many periods are uploaded to WuBook

This error can occur if you use periodical rate plan on WuBook. But Bnovo PMS can upload prices on by a rate plan with a type daily.

If you would like to manage your prices from Bnovo PMS:

  1. Check rate plan’s on WuBook. Go to Facility > Rates > Rate plans
  2. If you see an intensive rate plan, you should transform it into a daily one. To perform this go to Facility > Rates > Tabla
  3. Choose a rate plan to be converted on the header
  4. Press Convert
  5. Accept conversion
  6. Perform a Reconnection of WuBook Channel Manager and Bnovo PMS by instruction
    Attention! You will not be able to convert your rate plan back to a periodical type.

If you would like to manage your prices on WuBook just perform a reconnection by instruction.

In an association table on Settings > Channel Manager you will see ticks Do not synchronize prices near periodical rate plans.
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